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Durable water pipes

Water pipes are used in drinking water supply, water supply, heating, sanitation, and the construction of transport of aggressive chemical fluids.

Polyethylene pipes Our environmentally friendly, resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. Due to the strength of unfavorable external factors do not affect the quality of the transported water. With the flexibility of the pipe installation and simplified construction.

Our company uses raw materials PE-80 and PE-100 in the manufacture of gas and water pipes.

PE-100 is characterized by high density and resistant to low pressure, as well as their durability. When used in accordance with the production and performance standards, tube life of 50 years.

Our company uses thermoplastic polymers PE-80, which have unique properties and are durable in the production of polyethylene pipes. They are characterized by resistance to temperatures from -70 to +120 degrees and strong chemical agents – alkalis and acids.

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